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Applications drives businesses!!! We only buy IT to help enable us achieving some business objectives using applications and software. Therefore, applications are the fore-front of any IT that we may wish to use. We provide Cloud based (pay per use) model applications. We also help businesses with their BE SPOKE application development for Web Products, Smart Sites and Mobile Applications. read more


RA Consulting Services provides 360 degree view to businesses, starting from Requirements Analysis to assisting in Decision of Buy vs. Develop. We help you in both situations in making a purchase of IT or developing a software application to meet business needs. Further we assist in defining digital strategies, IT Service Management, and provide services for effective projects management. read more


In today’s world one has to be constantly upgradeable. We impart trainings based on four categories i.e. Soft Skill trainings – for fresh and experienced professionals, Technical Trainings – based on IT courses, Professional trainings – on project management, business analysis, IT, Cloud and Management trainings – Entrepreneurship, business leaders, strategic sales, etc. read-more

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