Applications drives businesses!!! We only buy IT to help enable us achieving some business objectives using applications and software. Therefore, applications are the fore-front of any IT that we may wish to use. We provide Cloud based (pay per use) model applications. We also help businesses with their BE SPOKE application development for Web Products, Smart Sites and Mobile Applications. read more

Roving cards – Traditional Printed Business Cards provide limited static information about you and your business. More importantly, they can’t showcase your work. This is where Rovingcards can help. Rovingcards are a natural extension to printed business cards, turning your business card into a dynamic representation of you and/or your business. In addition, Rovingcards provide realtime analytics to gauge where your audience is coming from and when.


Mobile Videos (for smart-phones and web-sites) - We take your information and convert it into a professional videography and electronic business card presentation, concurrently making it accessible to approximately 50,000 unique monthly visitors.


School on Web – Smart Schooling as simple as 1,2 & 3! “Administration” – allows schools to automate their day-to-day management and administrative activities, “Education” – automates core activities of education e.g. students data, time-table, evaluations, events, reports and dashboards, “Communication” bridges the gap between schools and parents, provides child’s academic and other extra curriculum activities updates on-line via parents portal of reports and dashboards.