Project Management

In today’s world fast changing dynamics, majority of tasks are being managed and organized into projects. Whether it is planning a new course for training or it is to enter records to a newly implemented ERP; projects are becoming a part of every business field & hence effective project management is becoming one of the most challenging tasks within the organizations nowadays. Competent project management is crucial for success, and this is where proper project management consulting comes in.

Rovingapps facilitates you in the following areas of Project Management:

Improvements in Project Management Practices

Based on the assessment and the improvement roadmap, Rovingapps offers assistance in quickly deploying the improvements. Working in partnership with you and your team, our Consultants assist your organization to quickly deploy the improvements. We leverage our collective assets and experience to expedite your organization’s maturity advancement.

We also re-assess maturity level once improvements are made in order to highlight advancements that have been achieved. Our experienced Consultants can bring significant improvements in key areas like:

  • Estimation of cost, efforts and timelines of a project
  • Monitoring and control of timelines, cost, resources, stakeholders, skills, etc.
  • Progress reporting and issues resolution, internally and externally
  • Successful project closure activities
  • Development & enhancement of project knowledgebase
  • Processes, procedures, templates, etc.

Experienced Project Managers for your projects

Rovingapps offers highly-seasoned PMP-certified professionals with extensive project and program management experience required to effectively lead projects of all sizes and complexities. Precise execution of projects and programs is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability.

Our project management experts are the perfect fit to help guide, lead, and support your mission-critical program and project initiatives.

They are trained to interact with your management executives to achieve success for your program as well as provide constructive and objective recommendations on ways to improve your project management environment. They can also support your strategic initiatives including acquisition and vendor management.

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